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Eytons Earth, Bentonite Cleanse: Combining internal clay colloids with substances like activated charcoal, diatomaceous earth, and psyllium husks, is an excellent way to assist the body's organs of elimination.

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Unlocking the Power of the Mind-Body Connection: Jose Silva's Ultra Mind Seminar
Silva Ultra Mind Training Seminar - Jose Silva's 3 to 1 Meditation / Relaxation Method

Our directory is a perfect place to begin researching everything that Las Vegas has to offer for health, healing, wellness and fitness. Explore alternatives to allopathic medicine, find a spa, take a seminar, explore natural medicine, healing and wellness services... You might be surprised at everything Las Vegas has to offer!

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BodyTalk System - Las Vegas - Dr. Ronald L. Greenawalt, DC FACO
     The BodyTalk System: A new approach to health & wellness.

"The Ultimate Meal" - Whole Food Organic Vegan Supplement
Confused about health supplements and bioavailability? Consider choosing a quality whole food supplement.

Massage Therapy and Hot Springs - The Ultimate in Relaxation
The Tecopa Hot Springs: Balneotherapy & Massage, a healing experience 90 minutes from Las Vegas.

Far Infrared Ovens: Cooking with Far Infrared
Health conscious consumers begin to question the health effects of Microwave ovens; far infrared offers a safe and convenient alternative.

Las Vegas East Park Research Olive Leaf Extract ( d-Lenolate )
Las Vegas based East Park Research: Olive Leaf Extract, far more than your average vitamin or supplement for immune system support.

Body Balls: Pezzi Gymnastik Balls ( Exercise Balls )
Body excercise balls offer an affordable way to help restructure the back, restore correct posture, and improve flexibility.

Jose Silva - Ultra Mind Seminar - Long Relaxation & Meditation Method
Silva's Ultra Mind Seminar is a simple and profound personal growth system including Jose Silva's highly acclaimed 3 to 1 Relaxation Method.

Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: Natural Cures

Edible Green and Red Desert Calcium Bentonite Clay

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  Eytons' Earth: Visit our natural medicine and alternative healing forum for interesting topics on very rare and specialized topics such as balneology, pelotherapy, healing clays, ozone therapy, and more.


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