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Literary Fiction, Music & Art

Tono Rondone, Las Vegas artist extraordinaire, is a man who personifies the phrase: "If you want something done right, do it yourself". At least, that's our first impression of a man who writes his own novels, paints his own book covers, proofs the text, edits the work, publishes the books, and then sells them.

If that wasn't signficant enough in and of itself, he also writes, performs, records, produces, and even remasters his own music.

When you come across an individual like Tono, you simply know that he can't be stopped from accomplishing the tasks he sets out to do, even when the odds are clearly stacked against him, Las Vegas style.


When we think about Tono's accomplishments, another phrase naturally comes to mind: "Moving mountains."

Multi-talented independent artists with such determination and personal commitment to a sense of both personal and social vision are not found on every proverbial street corner. You're lucky if you ever meet one, and when you do, you instantly get that gut feeling:

This person has something to say. Something worth listening to. Something that has intrinsic value. Something created for the people ( for you ) out of a sense of both boldness and love, born from journies to places few travel to.

He's brought you gifts, and it's not likely we'll ever understand the personal price he paid on the roads travelled.

Needless to say, we highly suggest treating yourself to your own personal discovery of his creations:

  • Las Vegas Publisher
    • Pisces Books
  • Spiritual Novelist & Literary Fiction
    • The Martyrs
    • Pop Goes the Weasel
    • Tales from The Tattva Tower
    • Letters to My Children
  • Musician
    • Album - The Proper Blast
    • Album - White Bred Off Ramp

    To discover more about the works of Tono Rondone, and to purchase his products, visit his website:

Artist Tono Rondone - Las Vegas Literary Author, Writer, Novelist, Publisher & Musician

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